Bespoke Software Development

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Crockwell Solutions is a UK based innovative software development business, specialising in building bespoke applications that harness the unique power of the Amazon Web Services cloud

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Talk with us about the type of project you need and we commit to work quickly to produce a credible, detailed plan for you.

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Software Application Build

We can build your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application from the ground up. Design, Mobile, Web, Backend, Service Support. We offer a complete service.

Software Application Refactor

We can refactor your legacy applications to run faster, scale better and be more secure. We specialise in ‘serverless’ technology that can vastly improve application performance.

AWS Service Support

We can run and manage your Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications

AWS Architecture Review

We can review and improve your Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture

AWS Performance Optimise

We can optimise your Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications so they scale and perform

AWS Cost Optimise

We can optimise your Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications and save you money

Working exclusively with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the world’s leading cloud infrastructure provider, offering highly specialised services for application builders such as Crockwell Solutions. We work exclusively to build applications on AWS, allowing us be experts in our field, focusing all our attention on building great software for you.

Helping you solve complex problems

We specialise in solving complex problems such as data cleansing & aggregation, analytics platforms, user authentication, geospatial interpretation, APIs and much more


Case Study

  • Crowdsourced weather app
  • Advanced weather data processing
  • Bespoke weather forecasting algorithm
  • Built entirely ‘serverless’ on AWS
  • Available on the App Store

Crockwell Solutions are passionate about building great applications on AWS. Get in touch to find out more.