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Complete Software Solutions

We can provide services to design, build and run your new or existing software applications

What we specialise in

We are skilled, full-stack, flexible developers that can take on various different projects, our specialist areas are Software-as-a-Service and Serverless Computing.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

SaaS means that your software is hosted in the cloud. It is delivered to your users through webpages and mobile applications. SaaS applications are sometimes called Web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software.

Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is a modern and secure way to build SaaS solutions. It means that we no longer have to spend time managing server and databases infrastructure. More time to focus on building great software.

SaaS Solutions

We specialise in designing, building, refactoring and running your SaaS applications. By this we mean:

  • An application that is used either internally or externally within your business
  • It is a cloud-based service. We only build on AWS
  • It is delivered through web and most likely a mobile view that are aligned


We can help with a range of different application development projects, including:

Applications that need a web and mobile view

Applications that need to scale, but keep costs low whilst user numbers grow

Applications that make use of complex data and require dashboards

Applications that need to integrate Machine Learning or AI

Applications that handle user authentication and social login

Applications that offer APIs, either internally or externally to your business

Serverless Computing

We specialise in designing applications using serverless technology, or refactoring your existing applications to serverless. By this we mean:

  • Infrastructure management tasks like capacity provisioning and patching are handled by AWS, so we can focus on only writing code that serves you
  • We make use of AWS serverless services such as Lambda, S3, Cognito, DynamoDB, API Gateway. Unless unavoidable we never use virtual machines (EC2)

Modern applications are built ‘serverless first’, a strategy now recognised as enabling massive benefits.


Lower costs

A traditional virtual machine based application will be over-provisioned to allow scaling. With serverless, you only ever pay for the compute power you need.

Quicker to market

Serverless architecture can significantly cut time to market. Instead of needing a complicated deploy process to roll out changes, code can be modified quickly and simply deployed

Unlimited scalability

Instead of needing to manage server and database cluster scaling, serverless means that all this is handled by AWS

Access to advanced data processing

A modern, serverless architecture and approach to data management enables quicker integration with AI / Machine Learning models

Increased security

Serverless is recognised as increasing security of your applications as patching of the underlying operating systems is handled automatically by AWS

AWS Services

We can support and optimise your existing AWS applications, serverless or not, saving you time and money.

AWS Service Support

We can run and manage your Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications

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We can offer a full service of running your AWS infrastructure. This will include configuring and responding to CloudWatch events, active monitoring of log files and  error diagnosis.

Please get in contact for further information and pricing.

AWS Architecture Review

We can review and improve your Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture

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We can carry out a full architecture review of your existing AWS application(s). This will cover best-practice from the AWS ‘Well Architected’ framework, along with recommendations and a costed action plan.

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AWS Performance Optimise

We can optimise your Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications so they scale and perform

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We can assess your existing AWS architecture in detail, looking for opportunities to improve performance. This could be parts of your application that are slower than expected or problems that occur with user demand that is unpredictable. We can produce a costed improvement plan based on our analysis.

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AWS Cost Optimise

We can optimise your Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications and save you money

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We can assess your existing AWS architecture and find opportunities to save cost. We will look for cost savings in unused resources such as CPU or database capacity and possible inefficiencies in the way AWS services are being utilised. We can produce a cost/benefit improvement plan based on our analysis.

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Our Technology

We work across a full range of modern technologies, allowing us to offer you complete software service delivery. Examples include:

  • AWS Serverless:
    We utilise AWS Serverless technologies such as Lambda, S3, Cognito, API Gateway, CloudWatch, Route53 and DynamoDB
  • React & React.Native:
    We build applications using react and react.native to support reusable, highly performant, native applications for Web, iOS and Android
  • Node.JS:
    We specalise in Javascript serverside coding in node.js
  • Python:
    We specialise in Python for complex analytical or data processing applications

Crockwell Solutions are passionate about building great applications on AWS. Get in touch to find out more.